Are you a smart shopper?

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Lets be honest, we all know that mall stores and specialty shops, charge outrageous prices, simply because there in the mall or only specializing in limited opportunity items.

Value shoppers should never be confused with cheap. I often ask the question, Why would anybody purchase a ring at the mall, if the same ring could be purchased else where for HALF price.

The two photos are examples of value shoppers that we satisfied with a 50% savings. That is huge and very impressive and the reason why value shoppers frequent our store daily. 50% Savings is impossible to ignore especially when the savings is supported with

  • Expert GIA graduate advice
  • Free layaway
  • Custom fitting
  • Free gift wrap

And a friend in the jewelry business forever.

Please tell me you’re a smart shopper and will never pay double at the mall.

We have your savings for all Occasions!!!

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Pricing Examples For Frequent Repair Requests

Ladies Ring Size Down: $15

Gentleman's Ring Size Down: $20

Solder 2 Rings Together: $20

Watch Batteries Replaced: $5

Ladies Ring Size Up 1 Size: $25

Gentleman's Ring Size Up 1 Size: $25

Basic Chain Solder: $10

Repair Ring Tips each: $10